Jewelry That Tells Your Story by Evelyn Kuhlman

The B.Adorned E-Mail Newsletter

For years B. Adorned has has mailed brief newsletters or postcards to an evergrowing mailing list of customers.

This web site:

  • Introduces people to B.Adorned if they have never visited the shop in Lambertville.
  • Allows web site visitors to view a large number of B. Adorned designs and in the future to search by type, stone and color.
  • Contact Evelyn Kuhlman the owner - designer of B. Adorned.

The newsletter is designed to work in conjunction with the mailings and the website by using E-Mail to announce new designs and collections and special new gems and pearls. From time to time B. Adorned has sales promotions and will notify everyone on the e-mail list so that they can come into the store and take advantage of the promotion.

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