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About Evelyn


As a jewelry designer Evelyn Kuhlman, owner of B. Adorned, has carved  a niche for herself by creating unique pieces which evoke the  personalities of her clients. 

She is able to achieve this by working closely with her clients -  assessing their individual taste, their personalities, sometimes the  particular social event – to design a piece of jewelry that is not only  wearable, but memorable. 

“After years in this business, I have learned that it is not about  imposing my ideas, but rather, listening to my clients and focusing on  the right combination of design elements that tell their stories,”  Evelyn explained. 

“I have a responsibility in my role as a designer to ensure that my  clients make good choices. I want my clients to love the unique pieces  that I create for them.” 

Evelyn believes that her pieces are “wearable art” and should not lie  around in drawers. They should be worn and enjoyed every day. 


Although she had a successful career, owning her own real estate  company, she needed a way to express her creativity. She started with a  metalsmithing course and her first line of beaten gold and gemstone  jewelry was an immediate hit. 

This encouraged her to hone her craft and she soon graduated to  carving her own waxes. By doing so, she is able to translate the design  elements into a finished piece. 

In the past eight years, her Lambertville store has become a landmark  for jewelry aficionados who spend hours pouring over the extensive  collection of precious gemstones, an incredible selection of pearls and  the fabulous display or rings, earrings and necklaces. 

Her premier inventory of tourmalines always evokes an overwhelming  response. Each stone is personally selected for its unique qualities,  whether size, color, quality, shape and possibility. 

“Tourmalines are gems with an incomparable variety of colors. It was  used by the ancient Egyptians who called it the ‘gemstone of the  rainbow.' I have always been attracted to its vibrancy and color  spectrum. My love for tourmalines means that my clients can always find  that one special stone that makes their hearts beat a little faster,”  Evelyn concluded. 

Part of this quest takes Evelyn to numerous trade shows where she has  developed close business relationships with many international stone  dealers.